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bluNews June is here and so is our blue-letter. May turned out to be one of our busiest months-to-date; we especially enjoyed our web traffic, which has reached an all time-high. Thank you for a great month!

Two web giants rank us at #1 News - and are listing Bluberries at the #1 position under the "Polish Advertising Agency" search results. We reported the #1 ranking with Yahoo several months back in our blue-letter and now it seems that others are following with this impressive listing .

New workhorse joins our team. Xerox 7750 GX

Not much of a conversationalist, but does his job well, the Xerox 7750 GX arrived at our office in mid-May and has quickly earned our respect and appreciation. With the lightning-fast ability to spit out color proofs as well as ability to print accurate Pantone® colors, the Xerox 7750 GX will sure be great help around the office in the upcoming months.

Bluberries Domains can work for you Check out our Domains for Sale category. We have built up an impressive database of great domain names, and we are selling. Now you can generate traffic, make important impressions, and promote your business through our domains. For $5 to $10 per month we will place your web-banner advertisement on any of our ideal domains. Drop us an e-mail for more information.


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