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Hello, It's crunch time here at Bluberries. Tis' the season for... lots of work? Like our experts predicted: people need Holiday advertising, and usually, "they" realize it just days before the Holidays! But worry not, we have stocked-up on coffee and are ready to put in the extra hours.

Our Premium Polish Magazine will be available in early December. Twoj Dom (which translates as"Your Home"), is different from all existing Polish magazines. It is the first-of-its-kind magazine produced in the US by a group of Polish people for the large group of Poles living in America. So far about 8 million Poles living in the US rely on Polish magazines imported from Poland, referring to living in Poland, or on American journals, not always satisfying their interests and needs. We are putting extra effort to make it a top-shelf magazine such as Home Magazine and Traditional Home, which are comparable in content quality.

We would like to invite our clients to place advertisement in "Twój Dom". We believe that our magazine will bring a new kind of Polish-American customers to your brand, and reinforce any of your current advertising campaigns within the Polish-American market.

Xerox 8200 DP Needs a New Home
Just look at her, so sleek, so pretty... the poor thing has not seen much action ever since we gotten our Xerox 7750 GX, a.k.a. "The House". We decided that the 8200 would be happier elsewhere.

We are looking for someone that will take good care of our 8200 and give her a shelf, a corner, or maybe that empty space on the desk. She's a hard worker and perfect for a small business which wants to print color.

Compare: Retail: $2000plus Used: $1500 Blu:$1300

FYI: Bluberries Closed Dec 22 - Jan 6
Our office will be closed for an extended holiday break. Mark your calendars!

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(end 12.10.04)

Full Color UV-Coated Postcards Print Special
printers specs: 4"x6" 12pt
4/4 UV coated

special__$225 for 2,500
special__$350 for 5,000
special__$550 for 10,000
special__$2500 for 50,000

special__$4000 for 100,000
call for more info

Postcard Design & Print Special* (go to samples)
5000 full color 4x6 flyers (postcards).
We will do your design and printing all for $400.
Cards are printed on 12pt paper, full color both sides 4/4, and aqueous coated for protection.

* Must mention our
blue-letter to receive this special offer. Includes basic design. Call for more info (ends 12.15.04)
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